At Novel IP, we're constantly thinking about how to help our clients get to market rapidly and cost-efficiently. As a result, we have substantially improved the generation and capture of innovations and successfully integrated complex IP issues into the design and development process.

Using Stanford ideation techniques, we regularly lead brainstorming and product development sessions for clients. We begin with basic empathy-building exercises and evolve into more structured brainstorming activities, spending time to fully understand the target users, their needs, and the technical challenges to satisfying those needs.

Throughout, we capture innovations as they are created, generate patent disclosures, if applicable, and docket newly found problems and opportunities for future consideration. For IP-centric companies, we recommend engaging in this process at least once per quarter to ensure the organization's best thinking is being effectively mined.

IP Screens
At Novel IP, we have developed the IP Screen, a system designed to integrate patent diligence into the engineering design and development process.

Common practice is either to avoid patent issues, exposing the business to potentially massive liability, or to spend substantial sums on legal opinions that are quickly outdated and difficult to integrate into the design process.

IP Screens addresses these problems. by dynamically integrating patent diligence into the design process; removing legal bottlenecks; preserving historical knowledge and organizational decisions; and highlighting specific, targeted patent issues for the appropriate legal personnel.

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