Novel IP Clients

Novel IP values its client roster, from large public companies to start-ups. We represent some of the most creative, exciting emerging companies in the nation, in addition to well-established, iconic corporations.

Emerging Companies
We understand that emerging companies often need to balance resource constraints against an ambitious business plan. We know when to address an IP issue, which problems must be addressed, in what order, and how to properly allocate resources for maximum return. As a result, we have helped many individuals successfully transition from idea to company, from amorphous concept to commercialized product. Aside from writing, filing, and prosecuting patents, we have:

  1. Co-founded Plaor, LLC, a leading social game company with one of the top social casino applications (Hollywood Poker)

  2. Co-founded SynerZ Medical, Inc., a biomedical company developing implantable devices and methods for the treatment of obesity and diabetes.

  3. Created the first international consortium - five institutions across four countries - approved to conduct antimatter R&D at CERN on behalf of, and for the benefit of, a private company.

  4. Participated in the founding of Network Signatures, Inc., a security software company.

  5. Participated in the founding of AquaSciences, Inc., a leader in water production from air and lauded provider of disaster relief services.

  6. Guided numerous startups on their initial patent asset filings in support of early stage financings.

  7. Aggregated valuable patents into asset pools.

  8. Conducted multi-day brainstorming sessions to generate ideas that enable our clients to further control the products and services in their field.

  9. Created strategic partnerships with the top law firms in the country to help our clients evolve from small start-ups to credible, established operating companies.

In-House Counsel
For our established corporate clients, we provide a cost-effective, fixed-budget approach to managing corporate patent programs. We recognize that large companies have a number of moving parts and excel in working within a corporate infrastructure to achieve measurable, repeatable results. We have helped established companies systematically increase patent filing and issuance rates and, through quarterly brainstorming sessions, to dramatically improve the quality of patent disclosures.

A selection of current and former clients who have retained our services in representation and patent counsel:

  • Lipid Sciences
  • Avery Dennison
  • HDL Therapeutics
  • AquaSciences
  • Applied Utility Systems
  • Catalytic Solutions
  • Baba Baby, Inc.
  • Clearant, Inc.
  • Cubic Defense Corporation
  • Rapiscan Security Products
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • UDT Sensors
  • EndoStim
  • Glucon
  • Hythiam
  • Crowdgather
  • Xerox Corporation
  • XCorporeal (now part of Fresenius Medical Care North America)
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • IncoCheck
  • Network Signatures, Inc.
  • Quartics, Inc.
  • Meade Instruments Corporation
  • Hideki Electronics Ltd.
  • Dentsu, Inc.
  • Osprey Biomedical
  • RealNetworks, Inc.
  • Kittrich Corporation
  • HandsFree Marketing, Inc.
  • Apex Digital, Inc.
  • Mobclix, Inc.
  • MobileCause, Inc.
  • Genesis Maintenance Corporation