Some thoughts on Moore’s Law

April 2, 2013

ShareThe challenge of tracking innovation within an organization lies in not only having metrics that are accurate but that also reflect the company’s culture. In this respect, Intel is in unique position. In April 1965, its co-founder, Gordon E. Moore, published the article “Cramming more components onto integrated circuits” in Electronics Magazine. In that piece, […]

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Gender and Innovation

March 6, 2013

ShareMany of us enjoy a good TED lecture from time to time. Occasionally, a few get wider attention; such as a recent presentation by fashion model Cameron Russell about her professional life. In it, Russell questions how a looks-obsessed society shapes expectations of both men and women. Aside from winning a genetic lottery, she offers, […]

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Great Series on Innovators and Creativity

March 4, 2013


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Be Irreverent

February 22, 2013

ShareI wake up every morning and with my coffee sit down and read some of the letters that Richard Feynman wrote to friends, colleagues and “fans”.  Feynman, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics, remained accessible and had a knack of cutting through a lot of fluff  and being a straightforward human being in his […]

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Just Do It

February 6, 2013

ShareFive years ago I had a brilliant idea. I approached several of my friends and described a site that would be a virtual board where you could pin images you found all over the internet and put them into folders. Create a folder for recipes! Create a folder for clothing you want! Getting married? Create […]

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Is Apple still innovating?

October 23, 2012

ShareIs Apple Still Innovating? One of the things that set Apple apart from the rest of the competition was the company’s constant ability to innovate. When the iPod was released in 2001 the world of music was change forever. One simple device could store all of your songs digitally on one small device. In 2007 […]

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What are disruptive innovations?

October 18, 2012

ShareIntroduction In the context of technology and business literature, the term “disruptive innovations” denotes innovations that deliver a physical product or a service to consumers in such a way as to go against market expectations. Generally, a disruptive innovation will first be targeted towards a new market; following this, prices in existing markets will be lowered in some way by the […]

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Top 10 Tech Innovators of 2012 (so far)

October 10, 2012

ShareThe recent unprecedented increase in firms hiring ‘talent’ and pumping huge investments in research and development in technology has resulted in an increase in the number of innovations being churned into the market. This is good for prosperity! With the year drawing to a close, we have surveyed innovators and have come up with a […]

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Innovation in Education

October 3, 2012

ShareMassive open online courses (MOOC’s) are a relatively new type of learning, and one that has created much debate in the world of higher education. These courses are developed with the intent of reaching a large number of participants; they are generally free or available for a “donation” rather than having a required fee. Though […]

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Apple v. Samsung: What You Need To Know

August 21, 2012

ShareIf you pay attention to the news and have any interest in technology, you have probably been at least nominally following the patent dispute of Apple v. Samsung. The case involves the two biggest players in smartphones, and both companies are relying more and more heavily on the smartphone market. Just a recap, Apple has […]

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