Is Apple still innovating?

by novel_admin on October 23, 2012

Is Apple Still Innovating? One of the things that set Apple apart from the rest of the competition was the company’s constant ability to innovate. When the iPod was released in 2001 the world of music was change forever. One simple device could store all of your songs digitally on one small device. In 2007 Apple released the iPhone, bringing together the web, cell phones, and mobile music players. Again Apple chocked the world with the iPad in 2010, and it was another instant hit.

Apple has been at the forefront of consumer electronics, but recently they have been falling to the wayside. For the past few generations the iPhone has been playing catch up with their competitors. Samsung, for example, has released a new ad campaign for the Galaxy S3 with the tagline, “The next big thing is already here.” Android smartphones have had features like 4g, 4inch screens, and a multi core processor for 2 years now while the iPhone 5 has only now received these upgrades.

Other Apple products have been lagging behind as well. 7-inch tablets such as the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire have been undercutting the iPad with a lower price and similar feature. When the iPhone was released Apple stated that it was 5 years ahead of its time. Unfortunately it hasn’t advance much in those 5 years. Som see this as Apple repeating history. When Apple computers were first introduced they were the most popular things on the market. Then Microsoft cam in and let anyone use their operating system that was on par with Apple’s. Soon Microsoft gained the upper hand and Apple wasn’t even a real competitor anymore. Wee see Google’s Android beating out Apple in a lot of world markets by offering more products and features. Hopefully Apple has learned from its mistakes and doesn’t go down the same path again. With Jobs gone it might be hard to keep that innovative streak. But with such brand loyalty and market share it’s hard to imagine them going down again. I doubt that Apple will make a significant leap, but it’s still not clear if we can expect the best innovations from them anymore.


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