Our Top Fifteen Most Innovative Companies

by novel_admin on August 25, 2011

There are so many companies that could be mentioned as category leaders in their respective fields.  As we looked around online these  are the names that came up again and again as current innovators.

Ok so here they are in alphabetical order. We welcome your comments.

1. Amazon – Shopping Will Never Be the Same

  • Cloud services for provisioning servers and other computing resources for startup developers.
  • Business process innovation such as Amazon Prime
  • Getting its feet wet into the e-reader space with the Kindle
  • Sells convenience, not merchandise

2. Apple – Turning Music and Software Upside Down

  • Changing the music business model (iPod, iTunes)
  • Changing the software business model (apps-the first time that third-party providers owned app delivery instead of a cell phone provider)
  • Changing cell phones via iPhone and AppStore
  • Creates desire, not product

3. Ben and Jerry’s – Pioneered Green

  • Started a socially conscious “green” company before green was in.
  • Pioneered a successful buyout that allowed the company to retain their brand equity.

4. Electronic Arts – Staying in the Game

  • Has made great games for years despite being big.
  • Has successfully moved their business online.

5. FedEx and UPS – For Making Us Wonder Why the Post Office Exists

  • Supply chain and logistics innovation helping enable a lot of what we take for granted today in terms of e-commerce.
  • Adopting new technologies for things like package tracking, vehicle routing as well as integrating their data through APIs with customers.

6. Google – For Being a Verb

  • Created its own incubator to reinvigorate internal innovation
  • Changed the way we relate to search and email.
  • Found a model to make money online.

7. Ikea – Making Affordable Furniture Fashionable

  • Does anyone remember what life was like for people in their 20s before Ikea existed? It wasn’t easy (or pretty.)
  • Supply chain and logistics innovation on a global scale.

8. Lockheed Martin – Where Would Music Be?

  • It’s SkunkWorks group created U-2, Blackbird, and Stealth Bombers
  • The SkunkWorks group originated from a rogue development team and were able to break the rules and transition experimental POCs to the production line.

9. Microsoft – Continuing to Crank Out Wins

  • Creates or rather expands to 1+ billion markets pretty regularly (Sharepoint & Xbox)
  • Zune, Surface, Courier, Kinect

10. Nike – Changing How Brands Brand

  • NIKEiD which introduced mass customization (1999)
  • Nike+ which synced activity into the “cloud” and ushered in the current wave of mobile fitness applications

11. Nintendo (Wii) – Breaking Out Of the Mold

  • The Wii helped bring Nintendo back to forefront in the console gaming world, after a decade of stagnation and watching the competition (Sony Playstation and Microsoft X-box) gallop ahead.

12. Pixar – Bringing Together A Team

  • By having the same people under one roof making films TOGETHER all time lead to increase in quality, satisfaction, and success

13.  Starbucks – For Making A $4 Cup of Coffee Normal

  • Changed the coffee shop business model by bringing the premium margins of boutique shops to a chain and inviting customers to stay in comfortable seating instead of sending them off with a to go cup.
  • Continue to innovate by introducing new partnerships (music),services(free wifi)

14. Virgin – Try Again. Try Again.

  • Known for being the underdog and taking risks
  • You can blame them for failing but not for failing to innovate.

15. Zappos – Shoe Shopping Has Never Been So Easy

  • Innovation by providing great service for the customer experience of purchasing shoes

So what do you think? Who do you think should have made the cut?


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